4 Healthy Lungs Tips

More people succumb every year to lung cancer than to breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. The American Cancer Society reckons that one in every four cancer deaths is as a result of lung cancer. The statistics for other lung diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and pneumonia are equally alarming, and this shows just how important it is to take good care for your lungs. But, the encouraging thing is that there are numerous things that you can do to keep your lungs healthy, and they include simple dietary and lifestyles changes. Below are some tips for healthy lungs that should come in handy.

  1. Stop smoking now

This tip is a no-brainer and it will always top all the lists when it comes to things to do so as to keep your lungs healthy. Smoking is the leading cause of lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer. The tobacco smoke contains harmful chemicals (scores of them), and it can narrow your air passages and hence make breathing difficult for you. It also causes swelling of the lungs. Cigarette smoking is very detrimental to your health. In fact, it is so severe that the 2010 Report by the Surgeon General states that a third of the cancer deaths in the USA would not be there if people did not smoke.

  1. Make your home safer

The Environment Protection Agency in the USA puts radon at number two in the overall list of leading causes of lung cancer and number one for individuals that do not smoke. To make your home safe and in turn keep your lungs healthy, it is important to call in a specialist to check the radon levels in the basement to make sure that they are safe. Also, improving the indoor quality of air with some houseplants is an effective way of making your home safer.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Healthy meals that have a variety of vegetables and fruits are very useful in keeping the lungs healthy. Making sure that you get most of your nutrients and vitamins from food sources is a good idea. Research shows that large doses of supplement pills increase the risk of cancer. There are also some lung cleansing foods like cayenne peppers and plantain leaf which should be included in your diet.

  1. Exercise regularly

Research shows that breathing exercise is very useful for strengthening the lungs and getting rid of toxins. Other physical exercises such as aerobics also improve your lung capacity which is just what you need for healthy lungs. If you do not already workout, you should start out slowly and then increase the intensity as your body gets used to the intense activity. And make sure that you engage in exercise at least three times a week.