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Three Medical Conditions Identified as Global Epidemics

The modern world is fraught with medical challenges that are a key concern when it comes to health care. These medical problems include diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and asthma. Some of these conditions – diabetes and asthma – are … Continue reading

Obesity: It Is Not Just about Looks

Obesity is a word that everyone is used to hearing lately in regards to the health of developed nations. So many people, from children to elderly adults, are getting fatter with no sign of relief. In fact, human beings are … Continue reading

The Benefits of Soft Bracing as a Treatment Option for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a health condition that causes one’s spine to curve abnormally. These curves, which are normally S- or C-shaped, can lead to several health problems besides affecting the overall balance and alignment of the body. Soft bracing is usually … Continue reading

4 Major Treatment Options Epileptic People Should Consider

Even though there is no known cure for epilepsy, treatment options have improved dramatically over the years thanks to advancement in medical science. Patients can use anti-epileptic drugs, lifestyle changes, surgery and vagus nerve stimulator therapy to control the symptoms … Continue reading

What You Should Know about Salmonella

One of the most common, yet frequently overlooked bacteria that are potentially very dangerous for humans is salmonella, a genus of bacteria responsible for over 1.000.000 infections every year in the US alone. Among these, 19.000 are hospitalized and more … Continue reading

Is a Cure for HIV Coming Close to Being Realized?

When HIV was first discovered, a diagnosis was a virtual death sentence. However, constant efforts of medical scientists resulted in antiviral medications that can keep the amount of virus in a person’s body down to undetectable levels. While many were … Continue reading

Glaucoma – a Condition that Desperately Needs New, more Effective Ways of Treating

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases that tend to damage the optic nerve in the human eye. The nerves are responsible for carrying images from retina to the brain so that a person can see. Researchers do not … Continue reading

Autism is on the Rise

Autism is a neurological disorder that usually begins to manifest in the first 36 months of a child’s life. Widely varying in severity, autism affects a child’s ability to interact with the world, impacting the way they learn, communicate and … Continue reading

What you Need to Know about Chronic Pain

There is very little to laugh about when you have chronic pain. This is one of those conditions that even those who have it struggle to understand it. This is problematic because you can hardly manage something if you do … Continue reading

Here are some Facts оn HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is one of the most studied diseases in human history because of its widespread impact around the world. In 2014 alone, it caused 1.2 million deaths. Between 1981 and 2014, AIDS led to the deaths of 39 million people … Continue reading