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Three Foods That Can Radically Revamp Your Health

There are so many people out there suffering from low energy, feelings of lethargy, malaise and depression from time to time. Although most people are wont to look for outside causes of their unhappiness and fatigue, these are problems that … Continue reading

Preventing Cancer in Men with the Right Eating Habits

How can men prevent cancer? Cancer is still a global scourge for which there are not many effective treatment options. Cancer does not discriminate along gender lines. The illness manifests in both men and women, maiming and killing at alarming … Continue reading

The Ancient Mystery: Why Do We Yawn?

For many centuries, scientists have been trying to understand why we yawn. Can the recent scientific studies shed some light on this mystery? Many believe that the first researcher of the phenomenon of yawning was Hippocrates who lived 2,500 years … Continue reading

Actual Factors of Mental Health Problems in the Modern Days

In the modern days, it is estimated that three out of ten people suffer from mental health problems including stress, depression, anxiety and others. World Health Organization estimates that by 2020 the problem will increase even more compared to other … Continue reading

Why You Need More Fiber in Your System and How to Get It

Fiber may not be the type of nutrient you may find in your tastiest and most enticing meals, but it’s definitely something you should look for more often, because it may be just what’s missing from your diet if you’re … Continue reading

Why Obesity Is Such a Dreadful Condition

Obesity is a serious condition that can have a very negative impact on a person’s life. Being obese comes with a lot of problems. Obesity does not come suddenly. In most people, obesity is caused by having a poor lifestyle … Continue reading

The WADA’s Undeclared Policy Raises Uncomfortable Questions

Top athletes around the world have been having sleepless nights. But insomnia is not our focus here – it is drugs in sport, and how health problems can be manipulated into ‘assets’ for elite competitors.

The most Nutritious Milk in the World

They say the worst tasting foods are the most nutritious. It seems now that the theory holds for the worst sounding foods, too. Would you like to taste cockroach milk, for example? Gross and disgusting, you say?

5 Sex Superfoods

It may seem weird and like a tough concept for you to grasp, but what you eat and how you eat it affects literally every single area of your body and aspect of your health — even your sexual performance … Continue reading

The Truth about Hormones and Weight

It is true that gaining and losing weight isn’t just about what you eat and your level of activity. In fact, everything from your DNA to your habits and medications can affect your body’s composition. One thing you may have … Continue reading