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Alternative Types of Preventative Medicine

For a long time, the focus of medicine in the West was about solving problems as they arise. The typical procedure was that only if an individual becomes sick then they are treated with some sort of medication or invasive … Continue reading

We Should All Strive for Prevention Rather Than Treatment

Prevention is better than cure, so goes an old saying. And when it comes to health matters, this saying holds even more weight. A lot of people usually visit a doctor only when they begin to feel unwell. However, this … Continue reading

4 Healthy Lungs Tips

More people succumb every year to lung cancer than to breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. The American Cancer Society reckons that one in every four cancer deaths is as a result of lung cancer. The statistics for other lung … Continue reading

Common Warning Signs That Things Are Not Okay with Your Liver

The St Louis University Liver Center estimates that close to 10% of the American population has been affected by a form of liver disease. According to the same report, liver related diseases rank 12th on the list of leading causes … Continue reading

Smoking: Find out How Your Habit Is Gradually Killing You

The cigarette is perhaps the most dangerous but still widely consumed legal product in the history of mankind. All scientific studies to this day have reached the same conclusion. The effects of smoking are devastating to our health in more … Continue reading

Preventive Measures to Avoid Upset Stomach

Upset stomach or indigestion can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Whatever reason, the fact remains that upset stomach/indigestion can start and interfere with your daily activities. When you have an upset stomach, you can hardly go on … Continue reading

4 Practical Tips on How to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has been wreaking havoc on public health for decades. More than twenty-nine million people suffer from the illness in the United States alone. What’s even more alarming about diabetes is that it can aggravate a … Continue reading

Common Symptoms of Allergy Reactions that You should Know

The immune system of the human body may at times start defending itself by fighting substances that are usually harmless. The overreaction process when the human body does this is commonly known as allergic reaction. Dust particles, pollen grains, nuts … Continue reading

Prevention of Heart Disease

According to the WHO, heart disease kills more people than any other disease globally. Furthermore, statistics show that approximately 17 million people died of heart-related complications in 2014, translating to over 30% of the entire deaths recorded globally in the … Continue reading

New Study Claims that Loneliness Increases Mental Health Risk

The belief that loneliness can have negative effects on a person’s health is widespread among people all over the world. The overwhelming majority of human beings are in a constant state of looking for friends or spending with them a … Continue reading