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Understanding Cervical Cancer and its Risk Factors

For a long time, cervical cancer used to be one of the fatal cancers affecting women. After a lot of awareness programs, the disease was finally kept under control making it one of the easiest cancers to monitor and prevent. … Continue reading

Facts a lot of Women Don’t Realize about the Vagina

If there is something that everyone seems to be absolutely sure about, it is the notion that every person knows their own bodies better than anyone else. In reality, unless you’re a doctor with encyclopedic knowledge, there is no way … Continue reading

5 Feet Issues Women Prefer Not to Talk About

Feet — they support our bodies and have a connection to every single part of our anatomy. And yet, there is no consensus on them: some people are turned on by feet, some indifferent, and others simply confused by the … Continue reading

5 Awkward Period Questions Women Don’t Ask

All women in their childbearing age have menstruation or periods. However, a lot of females are still disgusted, shy or embarrassed about their “time of the month” and never ask some of the most basic questions that plague them for … Continue reading

Treating the Female Sex Drive

While male enhancers have gained considerable popularity over the years, pharmaceutical companies have not been lying idly by, allowing women to suffer needlessly from their own sexual complications. Rather, considerable efforts have been made to find effective means of increasing … Continue reading