For a while I was scared that my marriage would hit rock bottom because there was no much action. I had a problem when it comes to getting an erection but then I came across Levitra. It was recommended by my doctor who said it would work for me. I must say am now hooked on these great pills for some good time.


Sometimes us guys we get embarrassed when we want help with erectile dysfunction. This is why after talking to a couple of friends who had the same issue, they advised me to take Levitra. I bought it online and I have been using it for a while. So far I have not seen any side effects so long as you follow the instructions on the medicine package.


Any man that has had an erectile dysfunction in the past will thank you for giving them a heads up about Levitra. For the period that I have been using it, no complications so far have come out of play and I think so long as I stick to my doctor’s instructions, then I will be fine.


For some reason, I tend to like Levtira than the other ED drugs. I think it is because I get what I want and will keep me having an erection until my partner is satisfied. I have not noticed any side effects this is as compared to the other ED drugs that I have used before.


After taking Levitra, it makes me feel like a new man. It gives me the confidence to perform when it comes to having a sexual activity. There was a time I could not have the confidence because of the ED problem. But now I am always ready when I take my pills.


My doctor took some blood tests and advised me to switch from Viagra to Levitra. I think he was right; these days I do not have any problems with my erections and also minimal side effects as compare to when I was using Viagra. It is a good ED drug, Always gives you want you want.


If you compare the amount of Levitra that you have to take as compared to that of Viagra, Levitra is much less. This means that Levitra has more power in small amounts rather than the others. For this reason and others, I have always liked to use Levitra.


I had to stop being embarrassed and ask for help from my doctor. I was embarrassed since I could not get an erection enough to have sex. Doctors are pretty straightforward, he told me about my condition and recommended that I try Levitra and see how it goes. Since then, it has been roses all along.


Anyone who wants to have a longer erection time than normal then I would recommend that you take Levitra. I was one of those people who usually had a premature ejaculation but now things have changed. I can last for long before an ejaculation.